Are all your products vegan and dairy free?

Yes, all our ice creams, cones and toppings are 100% dairy free and vegan. Additionally, all our ice creams are 100% gluten free. We have a gluten free cone option too (please request). 

Are you currently open?

No. We are currently closed and not sure if we will open again, due to other business and family commitments. Big events use to be our thing, but now they're not happening any more so we have moved on to other projects.

Vice Cream the business is for sale, so if you're interested in the truck, equipment or brand, please get in touch.

What are your ice creams made of?

We used to stock a variety of ice cream. Some have a base of soy, some coconut and some fruit or water. Just because they don’t contain cow’s milk they are still creamy and delicious! We try to ensure there is at least one type of ice cream that will be suitable for everyone.

Soft serve - coconut based

Real fruit ice cream - soy based (coconut on request)

Sorbets - fruit, water or chocolate based, see ingredients.

Gelatos - coconut based but please see our allergens table for exact ingredients.

Are you available for events ?

Not at the moment.


Why dairy free?

Many people have allergies to dairy or choose to live a dairy free lifestyle. With Vice Cream, everyone can still experience the joy of ice cream!

Dairy free ice cream is healthier. It is cholesterol free and contains less than half the fat of traditional cow’s milk ice cream.

Dairy free aligns with our values of kindness to animals, kindness to the environment, and kindness to ourselves.

And finally, because it is delicious!

Interested in joining us?

Email us: hello@vicecream.co.nz

Interested in joining us?

Email us: hello@vicecream.co.nz